Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In the Beginning....


And so it begins…well I guess it really begins when I land in Sydney over 20 hours from now. But to say it has begun is good enough for now. I type this as I am sitting in the world club in the Minneapolis airport. I had the pleasure of hanging out with my dad for a while in the airport before he had to head off; he left for Boston just an hour before my departure. The first part of my travels involves a three hour or so flight to LAX. Once in LAX I have close to a five-hour lay over to hang out, find my gate, assumingly find the group I am traveling with, and wait for time to happen. Once in the air it is roughly a 19-hour flight to Sydney; give or take a couple hours. It’s kinda funny that I am leaving on a Monday and arriving in Sydney on Wednesday.

Packing took a real long time as you can imagine. By the time I was done I had one large bag weighing in at 66 lbs. Its had to pack for a 5 month time period for a place that I have never been too.


After a 3 hour flight to LAX, an 8 hour lay over, a 2 hour delay, and a 14 hour flight I have officially arrived in Sydney Australia. When we stepped out of the airport we were all greeted with 80 degree temperatures and a clear blue day. The first 4 days of my time in Australia will be in Sydney for orientation with the IFSA-butler students and staff. Primarily today we learned about the Australian culture, ate some Aussie BBQ and went for a swim in the ocean. The people here are great…real laid back and really friendly. Overall it has been an amazing experience already and I cannot wait for the next couple of days, which include a surf lesson, a trip to the zoo, and a boat cruise through Sydney harbor. Anyways I’m calling it a night as you are all waking up in a few hours…..Peace

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